Geraldo Rivera considering Senate run

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Few if any broadcast journalists have had a more colorful television career than Geraldo Rivera. From being one of the first minorities on TV during his days as an investigative journalist, to the lengthy run of his provocative and often controversial self-titled talk show, to his current gig as host and commentator on Fox News, Rivera has made quite a mark on the American public. And now, according to The Christian Science Monitor, he is seriously considering running for Senate in New Jersey.

“I mention this only briefly … fasten your seatbelt,” said Rivera on his mid-day radio show, Thursday. “I am and have been in touch with some people in the Republican Party in New Jersey. I am truly contemplating running for Senate against Frank Lautenberg or Cory Booker in New Jersey”, quotes Yahoo.

On initial assessment, it would seem that the deck was stacked against Rivera. Not only does the pioneer of daytime sleaze TV have the highlight reel of his career to contend with, but the upcoming Senate race is being characterized as “solidly Democrat”. However, there may be a scenario in which Rivera could weasel his way into office, using the old divide and conquer strategy.

The presiding senator, 89-year-old Frank Lautenberg, is said to be “irritated” by Cory Booker’s presumption that he going to step down, telling the Philadelphia Inquirer about how Booker should be “spanked” for being “disrespectful”—sounds like an episode of Geraldo’s old show.

If Lautenberg and Booker go at it in the primary, they may alienate many Democratic voters who could end up in the camp of a moderate Republican, a term which could be used to describe Rivera, considering his mixed views on gun control and other issues.

One thing’s for sure, if Rivera does throw his hat into the ring, this will be a very interesting race. Though it may be difficult to imagine Rivera in the Senate, stranger things have happened; and this wouldn’t be the first time he has successfully reinvented himself.

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