Gerard Butler Gets Nasty, Has Public Sex in Porta-John?!

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Gerard Butler has won the “nastiest Hollywood celebrity” award this week. Butler, who just left rehab a couple of months ago, was hanging out this past weekend at the Coachella festival. What seemed like a pretty fun weekend of music and partying took a really dirty turn when Butler coerced a brunette to do “the nasty” in the nastiest place in the park.

Reports suggest that the 42-year-old Butler was dirty dancing with a brunette and the two couldn’t control themselves. “The two were grinding like they were at a middle school dance,” claims a source. “He didn’t seem to care who was watching.” And if that wasn’t making enough of a scene, instead of getting a private room somewhere, Gerard Butler reportedly dragged the poor girl into a porta-potty to have sex.

Oh, the smell! Oh, the germs! Oh, how gross! After what Gerard Butler did over the weekend, you may never look at the 300 actor the same way again. This very easily is the grossest celebrity sex story in a very, very long time.

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