Germany’s Chancellor Merkel declares multiculturalism a failure

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In making the claim that muticulturalism has failed, Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor may be the sexiest woman on Planet Earth right now. That’s if you consider honesty in the face of insane political correctness, and intelligence sexy. In spite of hyper-sensitive advocates of “multiculturalism and “diversity,” Merkel is one of the few public figures of any country to be openly clear in denouncing the myth.


In a speech given October 16th, 2010, to her party’s youth wing, Germany’s Chancellor plainly decries the lack of wisdom in multiculturalism as an “absolute failure.” She states clearly that the country’s four million Muslim citizens should be expected to not only learn how to speak German, but also be educated in Germany.


America is also subject to the multiculturalism insanity, too.

While many may decry her comments as insensitive, allow me to point out that Germany, much like the United States has dealt far too long with illegal immigration. In a painful sort of irony, those who often claim to seek freedom from persecution within their home country, now wish to force their beliefs upon that host country, which is decent enough to offer them refuge.


Multiculturalism is not about living in peace. It’s about societal control.

What’s best for Germany, is what Germans want for their own country. Why should any segment of society be allowed a free pass to force any host country to conform to their personal beliefs? Why would anyone wishing to live in a new country refuse to learn the language, at the very least? If Germany is not right for you, as a Muslim, then why did you pick Germany as a place of refuge? The entire world is already multi-cultural. “Multiculturalism” advocates can be likened to a homeless guest making demands of their hosts, after being taken in off the streets


Merkel does not pander to the multiculturalism power junkies.

Obviously, not all Muslims wish to foist their personal values on the rest of any society. But it’s only a matter of time before extremists (of any religion) venture to force their beliefs upon others. Congratulations Angela Merkel. You are a breath of fresh, honest, and courageous air. Multiculturalism is a failed proposal, and nothing more than a specious play on words.


Just one little problem with the demands of Chancellor Merkel

While it’s quite acceptable to expect immigrants to integrate with, and obey the laws of, the society they’re asking to join – insisting those values be “Christian” is unacceptable.  This should be an opportunity to make a stronger Germany, not a stronger Christendom.

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