Germany’s Psychic Octopus picks Spain for World Cup 2010 game (Video)

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When it comes to getting your World Cup soccer picks, it might be best to consult the mighty Octopus oracle from Germany named “Paul”.  The Psychic Octopus’ picks have been perfect so far.  Paul recently foresaw that Germany would beat Argentina this past Saturday.

A little background on Paul first.  He is just two-years-old and was born in England.  However, he now resides in the Sea Life Aquarium of Oberhausen, Germany.  During the 2008 UEFA Euro matches, Paul was 5 of 6 with his predictions.  His only incorrect choice was that Germany would defeat Spain, which never happened.  So far in this year’s FIFA World Cup, Paul has had every pick correct. (

So you might be wondering how Paul the Psychic Octopus makes his predictions.  Is it by writing them on an underwater chalkboard using his eight legs?  Or does he make some sort of sound through the water?  None of the above.  For the predictions, two boxes are lowered into Paul’s tank.  One box has the German flag in it, the other box has the flag of their opponent.  There’s also some food in each box.  So whichever box Paul opens first, is his prediction.

With Paul riding a 100% perfect pick streak, he has now made a choice that doesn’t necessarily agree with the Germans.  Paul has chosen Spain to defeat the Germans in their semifinal FIFA matchup on Wednesday.  Once again the Germans are hoping Paul has predicted this game wrong like he did back in 2008.

Spain and Germany are scheduled to play in the World Cup Wednesday.  Check out a video of Paul the Psychic Octopus making his picks below.

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