Get Him to the Greek movie trailer (YouTube) – starring Russell Brand & Jonah Hill

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“Get Him to the Greek” is a new comedy movie coming out June 4th which will be a bit a spinoff movie from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. It stars Jonah Hill and Russell Brand as well as Mr. Diddy himself and features several other celebrity cameos. You can check out the “Get Him to the Greek” movie trailer below via YouTube. Read on for details of the film and what to expect.

“Get him to the Greek” tells the story of Aldous Snow, the rock star boyfriend we saw in “Sarah Marshall”. In this film he’s written a socio-political type song about problems in Africa, but unfortunately it’s a flop. The new song ends up spoiling Snow’s music career and driving him to drink and do drugs. At the same time, Capitol Records is losing a lot of money and its eager young intern, played by Jonah Hill, comes up with the idea to get Snow to play at Greek Theater for a tenth anniversary performance. His boss Diddy likes the idea and orders Hill’s character, Aaron Green, to find and deliver Snow safely to the theater. Of course it won’t be easy and Aaron must get the druggie rockstar all the way from London to Los Angeles in time for the big show.

This movie will really depend on how its two main stars do in their lead roles. Russell Brand was good in “Sarah Marshall” and has also hosted back-to-back MTV Video Music Awards shows, receiving higher ratings (and death threats). Jonah Hill has turned in some funny performances in a variety of films including “Superbad” and “Funny People”.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” was pretty good, but I’m not sure if this one will live up to its predecessor. The official trailer does the new movie justice though and this could be a hit at the box office. It’s good to see Diddy in movies again too, so we’ll see how he does with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Check out the “Get him to the Greek” movie trailer via YouTube below and see what you think!

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