‘Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls’ Season 1 Recap: The Mountains Will Give You Strength

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This week on Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls, seven teams are left to fend for themselves out in the wilderness. The teams pick out their knives that hold the key on what they will be in charge of for this trek.

As Bear was talking to them, he mentions eggs in their future, which got them all excited about the prospect of eating something good. However, things are not always what they seem to be. First, the teams will need to go through their next obstacle, which is climbing up an extremely steep side of a mountain. Both Robin and Wilson had trouble with the climb and had to be helped up by theDuck eggs other members. Donna also struggled.

The food supply started looking good after they got their eggs, but Bear also handed them some grub worms for some extra protein. After boiling the eggs, Donna started peeling hers and got disgusted by what she saw. There was a baby duck complete with feathers and eyeballs. Donna was so upset that she walked away crying. The others feasted on the duck meat, what little there was. Her daughter Camden was also disturbed by it and decided not to partake in the food.

Jim and Austin were part of the shelter team but they decided to set the tents up in a taco formation and the rest of the group was not very happy about it. It made for a rough night’s sleep.

For the survival test, the teams needed to make a stretcher the same as what would be needed to take out an injured person if need be. Jim and Austin finished up first but then Chris and Jeff was close on their tail. It was not enough as Jim and Austin won immunity and a trip to the feast pit where they gorged themselves on good food and also got to clean themselves up.

That night during the elimination camp, Bear’s focus was on Donna and Camden and Robin and Wilson as the two weakest teams. Both Wilson and Donna had loads of trouble making it up the rough terrain ever since they started this journey. Bear finally made his choice and told the mother-daughter team of Donna and Camden that they would never make it out alive.

Will Robin and Wilson be next to go?

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