Get Paid to Watch Commercials!

Hey guys and gals.  I found out about a cool FREE website.  It is a website where you watch 30 – 45 secs ads/videos and earn points associated with the video you’re watching.   In order to get videos to watch, you fill out a short questionnaire (known as a profile), and it matches you with videos to watch.

Cashout to Paypal once you reach 8,000 points.  They working on adding other types of rewards.

I have been paid by this site and am working on a second payout now.  It took them about 5 days before I received my first cashout.  Tell your friends and family to earn more.

If you are interested, send me a message and I’ll send you the link.

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I like to have fun and respect others, all I ask in return is that you respect me. I don't like to play games, when it comes to earning additional money, or online gift cards, etc... I'm very serious about writing, making audio clips, video clips, etc...

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