Get Ready for a Lot More ‘Anger’ From Charlie Sheen

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Say what you will about Charlie Sheen, but there’s no doubt that he’s once again “winning,” despite his infamous extended meltdown and subsequent firing from Two and a Half Men last year. His new show on FX, Anger Management, has done so well in the ratings that it’s just been picked up by the basic cable network for another 90 episodes.

Charlie Sheen 2012FX had set a certain ratings target the show had to meet with eight of its first 10 episodes, and it apparently exceeded those numbers, which meant it automatically earned the order for 90 more episodes. In fact, according to FX, Anger Management is the highest-rated new comedy series on cable this year.

A 90-episode renewal is an impressive commitment from the network, and a sign of how confident the higher-ups are with Sheen’s ability to carry a show. Whatever anyone thought of him after his bizarre, outrageous behavior last year, there was little doubt that he had a huge hand in the success and popularity of Two and a Half Men.

Most TV shows tend to be renewed year to year, with an average of 22 episodes per season. So part of what makes this renewal even more impressive is that the 90 additional episodes of Anger Management are expected to be produced in just the next two years. That’s 45 episodes a year, about twice the production rate most shows are able to keep up. Clearly the producers and cast are doing something right.

One thing’s for sure: Charlie Sheen stands to become a lot richer than he already is. TMZ reports that its sources say the actor could earn more than $100 million off the show. And though he’s going to be a very busy guy, he only has to work at it for the next two years.

It’s a good bet that Anger has made Charlie a very happy man!

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