Get Ready for Bloody, Aborted Fetuses During the Super Bowl

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During the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction that shocked a nation. Now a 2012 commercial approved for air in 40 U.S. cities is going to make Jackson’s nip slip seem like nothing.

Graphic and Bloody During Family Time

Nothing is going to drop jaws more or cause parents to cover their children’s eyes more than graphic, bloody pictures of aborted fetuses in an anti-abortion advertisement paid for by Democrat Presidential hopeful Randall Terry.

File:Super Bowl 29 Vince Lombardi trophy at 49ers Family Day 2009.JPGWhat a great way to get publicity; traumatize children with images that they normally would not see at 7 pm on a Sunday night. It is a good thing there is advance notice of these ads, so schools can be ready on Monday to explain to children, some who are too young to understand abortion and explain it in a way that does not demoralize a woman who has had to make the decision to have an abortion to save her life, or was raped or molested.


That is what many Americans will say when they see the very graphic and purposely disturbing images being displayed by Democratic Presidential hopeful, Randall Terry.

Terry, a former Republican is an anti-abortionist that has been arrested 50 times for his cause. He is using an election law that forbids the FCC from prohibiting his ad within 45-days of an election and the primary counts as that.

The ads will all be run locally. Only parents in primary states have to worry about how to censor or explain to their children what they are seeing in the ads.


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