Get Ready for Sundown Lost Episode 6 Season 6, the Final Season (Video)

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Sundown happens tonight on Lost. The final run of the sci-fi drama that won over fans with it’s intriguing and yet to be solved mysteries. Tonight the sixth episode of the season airs and with a title like Sundown it sounds pretty epic. Not only does the episode take place at sunset as implied by the title but we get to see what happens as Claire and Fake Locke came to the temple.

Not to spoil the happenings of the episode but it is Sayid centric. We may finally get to find out what side he’s playing for. It’s still unclear what the sickness is that has infected Sayid and Claire or if it has anything to do with the Smoke Monster. Another mystery of this season yet to be solved is Claire’s relationship to Flocke. It was hinted at last episode that they have been friends for awhile. Yet when Jin asks if it is really Locke, Claire responds it is her friend. Implying either that she knows it is someone posing as Locke or somehow she sees him differently. I don’t know how far or close we are to solving these new puzzles but interviews with the Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have said these issues will be resolved.

I really like tonight’s title. It speaks to an epic showdown between Good and Evil. Just like a good Spaghetti Western. I hope it has music to match. The war is coming and this may be the first strike.

Here is quick recap of last week’s episode Lighthouse:


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