Get the Bod: Blake Lively’s Real Workout Secrets

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Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively has given herself a new body for her 24<sup>th</sup> birthday, though it did not come easy, cheap or quick. The “amazing results” of eighteen months of training effort are paying off, and Blake is ready to show off her hot new bod. Her trainer Bobby Strom, in an interview with MSN, spills the details.

“At first it was more about improving Blake’s strength, core and aesthetics. She also had a couple of stunts to do for the movie [Green Lantern] which she wanted to be proficient at,” Strom reports. So imagine the situation. Blake Lively was already gorgeous, and her weight was fine, but she wanted to look even better. Stronger. More toned. So this celeb went all the way, re-structuring her life completely toFile:Blake Lively 2010-tweaked.jpg reshape her body. And it worked. Get ready to take notes:

First, Blake got herself a trainer—almost a must for a celebrity makeover. Trainers keep you going when the going gets rough, if only because you have already paid money you don’t want to waste. Blake Lively worked out with Strom ninety minutes a session, three or four times a week. The changes in her shape were obvious, he says, “almost overnight”. Well, ok, after three weeks.

The workout, Functional Training, goes for a person’s weak areas, to bring those muscles up to speed. Bobby Strom favors 20 reps with light weight—5 lb—in several different positions. Circuits, to keep her metabolism up. He adds Unilateral Exercises, which might be standing on one leg while raising weights with the other arm. Lots of variation. This is hard, grueling work, done consistently, for a year and a half. Still interested? Blake Lively is!

On to the diet. Blake now juices veggies to get her through the day, and feasts of Tabbulah salads and quinoa dishes. She gets a treat now and then—maybe a bite of chocolate a week.

The results are fantastic, and—as everyone knows—the longer you do it, the easier it gets. And the more fun. And definitely the more rewarding. This is no program for sissies. But if you want to look like the new Blake Lively, now you know where to start.

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