Get this baby out of me!!!

Well, I think that I reached the point a few weeks ago where pregnancy no longer feels like a “magical time” and now feels like a bunch of aches, pains, and trouble.

I had my regular checkup on Tuesday (I’ll be 37 weeks on Friday) and found out lots of interesting info about my baby. At first, the doctor thought that he’d turned breech, so he did an ultrasound and found out that he’s still head down. So that was good. While he had the ultrasound machine out, he decided to do some measurements to get an estimate of the baby’s weight.

Apparently big babies run in my hubby’s family. He was a 6 pound 6 oz baby who was 6 weeks preemie. So they said if he’d been born on his due date he would have been 9-10 pounds. All of his siblings were 8-9 pounds, except one who was 11 pounds 3 oz. Our 4 year old was 9 pounds at birth and 8 days early and the doctors said he would have been easily over 10 pounds had he been born on his due date. And, my doctor said 1st babies tend to be smaller than subsequent pregnancies, so he’s been closely monitoring my baby’s size the whole time.

Well, on Tuesday, he discovered that my baby is already 8 pounds and that his butt, tummy, and head are measuring 2-3 weeks larger than he should be. But, his legs are measuring right on target. So, he said that means I have a short chubby baby, which makes it harder to deliver. If the baby would have been 8 pounds but tall, it wouldn’t be so hard to push out (think about it.).

For the past few months, he’s been talking about inducing me if the baby got too big, but now all of a sudden his plans have changed. Why? Because Wednesday was his first day of a 2 week vacation!! UGGH!!

So, he told me that I’m not yet dilated and that the baby has dropped but the head is still a little high up. He’s head down, 8 pounds, and could come at any time, or it could be 3 more weeks, he doesn’t know for sure. He also said that since I pushed out a 9 pounder with no problems, he now feels ok letting this one get up to 10 pounds! (I, on the other hand, do NOT feel ok with that).

So I’m trying to get this baby out of me ASAP. He said anytime after Friday is ok since that’s when I’ll hit 37 weeks. We’ve been walking 2-3 miles each night to try and get the baby’s head down. I also found some accupressure info online the other night and will be trying that starting Friday and hoping to get this baby out.

Any other suggestions for how to naturally induce labor?

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I am an energetic, caring wife and mother. I have two boys ages 6 and almost 2. I homeschool my 6 year old because he's brilliant and was bored in public school. I have two babies in Heaven due to terrible miscarriages.

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