Getting Rid of MRSA

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A couple of years ago, I wrote about the blight of MRSA in our household.  We are now 10 months MRSA free.

Here is a list of things that we did –I gave this list to my hometown doctor to give to other patients.  It seems this thing was blazing through our community.

I hope it helps others get a perspective on handling MRSA — and you can get rid of it.   There is some miss-information out there about it being something that you cannot get rid of once you have it.   It feels like that, but if you treat it right and change household habits—we are living proof.


Getting Rid of MRSA-what our family did when MRSA was cycling through our household:

•1. Get everyone tested.  Someone may be a carrier but have never had an outbreak.

•2. If a carrier is identified, make sure that person is treated with the nasal antibiotic treatment

•3. We treated our whole family with nasal treatment for at least two weeks

•4. Test the pet!  We heard pets can carry.  Our dog was tested (negative) at the Vet

•5. As soon as a pimple/bump appears, get treated immediately

•6. Advocate for your family with health care workers.  Not everyone in the medical field knows a lot about MRSA and will not know how important it is that they be treated immediately with the right antibiotic. Tell them your family is dealing with MRSA.

•7. Use only pump soap in the bathroom (bars can harbor MRSA)

•8. Use only paper towels (no hand towels) in the bathroom

•9. Wash clothes in warm/hot water and use bleach or Oxi-clean with every load, keep infected person’s clothes away from others and wash hands after loading the washing machine.  I also wiped down laundry baskets regularly with Clorox bleach wipes.

•10.  Wash bedding regularly in hot water (using bleach or Oxi-clean)

•11.  Clean rugs and furniture (we shampooed everything)

•12.  Keep all MRSA sores covered with bandages and be aware that they are very contagious

•13.  Wash your hands with antibacterial soap after loading the laundry into the washer (clothes can carry MRSA)

•14.  Wipe down counters and surfaces with bleach water (I did tub, sink, toilet, counters, kitchen counters, etc) several times a week.

My family had MRSA move thorugh our house for 2 years and now we are MRSA free for 10 months.    Some combination of what we did above helped us get rid of it.

What I learned I applied or worked with health care professionals to implement.   I believe the most effective things we did were:

•1. Test the whole family and know who the carrier is (our daughter who was the carrier never had an outbreak)

•2. Treat the whole family with the nasal antibiotic ointment

•3. Get rid of bar soap and hand towels in the bathroom (pump soap and paper towels)

•4. Keep wounds covered and know how contagious they are.  Wash hands with antibiotic soap after touching wounds or putting band aids on

•5. I purchased a UV-C light wand and it either really worked or it was a strong coincidence that the MRSA bug left our house shortly after I started using it on surfaces. 

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