Getting Started On The Nursery:

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A couple weeks ago, as an early baby shower gift, Justin’s parents bought us our nursery set, complete with Crib, 4 drawer dresser and changing table! It’s the beautiful cherry wood, that I love also!

Well, for probably 2 weeks it has just been sitting upstairs in the soon-to-be nursery, just waiting to be built, and last night, it happened. I’m not sure why, but I got this “itch” to just build! It was fun though, I think it only took Justin and I an hour and a half or two to build the entire set, and it looks great! I’m very impressed with our building skills lol.


I pretty much have the nursery planned out in my head, it’s just a matter of finding out whether it’s a boy or girl at this point! The soon-to-be nursery is actually Justin’s now “old” office room (we moved his computer downstairs to keep our guest room and make room for baby.) Back when we first moved in, I painted the room blue, the same blue that our downstairs is actually, so obviously Justin is hoping for a boy so he doesn’t have to re-paint the room lol. If it is a boy, we are obviously keeping it the blue and I will just have the trim re-painted. If it is a girl, the room will be painted a lavender color that I picked out, and again the trim will be re-painted.

We will also need to clean the carpet (the previous owners son did quite a number on it….) as well as paint the back of the door (which happens to be bright red and dark blue at the moment) and just switch some curtains around.

So I pretty much have the nursery planned out… just gotta find out the sex now! December 14th I will be 18 weeks, so sometime around there is when we will find out and announce it to everyone :)

But here are some pictures of the crib, dresser, and changing table we built last night! Enjoy!

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