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Ghetto Google is a new way “fo all you beotches who want to find shiznit.”  Ghetto Google is located at Gizoogle.  Ghetto Google all your fave hot terms to find the real shiznit you want.

Ghetto Google is not affiliated with Google.  Ghetto Google Gizoogle is a non-profit corporation.  I had to check out Gizoogle myself after reading about this unusual version of Ghetto Google at The Insider.

Ghetto Google at Gizoogle is much like regular Google.  You enter a search term then click “Google Diz Shiznit” for results.  You can also translate your My Space or blog to jive at Ghetto Google Gizoogle.

Some folks seem to be offended by Ghetto Google.  I happen to think Gizoogle is hilarious.  Can’t language be fun, too?  Have you checked out Ghetto Google yet?  C’mon beotches!

Here is YouTube video about Ghetto Google Gizoogle:


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