‘Ghostbusters 3′ Movie News – Script is Finished, Sent to Bill Murray

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According to recent reports, the “Ghostbusters 3″ movie script is officially done. With that news, there’s also news that the script has been sent to actor Bill Murray for his approval, which could bring the ghost hunting team along with “Slimer” back to the silver screen.  Maybe it won’t be long before a “Ghostbusters 3″ movie trailer shows up on YouTube with a re-made theme song by Diddy and Ray Parker, Jr.

The latest “Ghostbuster 3″ movie news arrives via USA Today, who reports that director/producer Ivan Reitman notes “a very good script” has been sent over to Bill Murray.  There’s been all sorts of speculation over what sort of story would be involved with a third movie and if fans would go for it.

There’s been rumors over whether Bill Murray (pictured via Wikipedia) would join for a new sequel, with reports varying over which other cast would return.  Sigourney Weaver is among those who appear on board, while Rick Moranis is not, according to Wikipedia.

Reitman directed the first two installments in the science-fi/comedy films and said on Friday:

“Nothing you’ve read on the Internet is accurate.  It’s good enough to do, to take the risk of doing again.”

With that in mind, the script is now in the hands of Bill Murray.  Will Bill go for it or tear the script to shreds?  Murray has taken on more challenging roles as of late, with less of the comedic performances that defined the start of his career.  He’s been up for multiple Oscar awards for his work, but it’s still likely he wants to reunite with Dan Akroyd and the boys for a third film.  Besides, with all the ghosts of movies past that Hollywood keeps dredging up, why not call up the “Ghostbusters” for a third movie?

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