Ghostly ‘Jellyfish’ UFO Spooks Chicago Residents (Video)

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Multiple sightings of a ghostly-looking UFO, bearing a striking resemblance to a cuttlefish or squid (some say a jellyfish) was caught by at least one resident of Chicago and posted to YouTube. What is it?

The object was witnessed by several others beside the videographer and comments on the channel run the gamut from dismissing the unidentified flying object as a weather balloon to true believers truly spooked by the sighting.

The video below also contains several snapshots of the object which don’t help very much to identify what this thing is. If it is a weather balloon, it’s in pretty sad shape but still able to stay aloft.

The UFO was reported on several other sites besides YouTube so it definitely has the community stirred up. One look at it and it’s easy to understand why.

Here’s the video:

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