‘GI Joe Retaliation’ Trailer features The Rock & Bruce Willis (Video)

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The new GI Joe Retaliation trailer has officially been released online and gives fans of the action series a first glimpse at its newest scenes and stars including WWE’s The Rock and Bruce Willis. It also introduces several new characters based on the popular action figures and related stories from the days when the series was highly popular. Will it be enough to pack the seats to see a second installment of “great American heroes?”

Snake Eyes Arashikage Showdown.jpgThe new GI Joe trailer seen below via YouTube video comes from Machinima with an intro message from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rock will take on the role of Roadblock in this one, while Channing Tatum makes a return to play his role as Duke. Also returning for the sequel will be Arnold Vosloo as Zartan. Bruce Willis will have the role of General Joseph Colton. Also making an appearance will be Wu-Tang Clan founder, The RZA, as Blind Master. Storm Shadow, Lady Jaye, and Snake Eyes will all be back again as well. Among the newest characters in the film will be Jinx, the female lady in red ninja, played by Elodie Yung. Sorry folks, it appears Marlon Wayans missed the cut this time.

For fans of the old GI Joe comic books, toys, and animated series, this has to be somewhat exciting to see the latest on-screen action ahead of next year’s release. There are gun and sword fights, explosions, and CGI effects ready to rattle theater sound systems. There’s even an unveiling of Cobra banners as they take over the White House. The discrepancy some may have with the films are that they don’t particularly follow the comic books or animated series. In fact, Willis’ character appeared briefly in the comics, but never in the animated cartoon series. That may upset some, but there’s something to be said for using originality in Hollywood these days.

There also may be complaints around the web about having Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson play an iconic character like Roadblock, rather than someone like Michael Duncan Clarke. Remember that this isn’t going to be an Oscar contender but more of an action-packed thrill ride. With that in mind, the action looks like it has potential, based on several of the scenes including the interesting ninja sword battle while scaling a mountain. Bruce Willis could lend his action star power to the film with clever one-liners. With stars like Willis and The Rock along with top notch special effects, it just may bring in the bucks for the franchise. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

“GI Joe: Retaliation” opens in theaters on June 29th, 2012.

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