Gia and Wes Find Love After ‘Bachelor Pad’ Elimination?

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ABC’s latest dating reality series “Bachelor Pad” is coming to a close next Monday, but that doesn’t mean the action is over yet! There has been hook-ups and drama thoughout the season of “Bachelor Pad” even if the series wasn’t the big ratings hit like “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” These are the two series used to gain the cast for “Bachelor Pad” as familiar faces from both series went back to the house in hopes of winning $250,000.

Two of the most controversial cast members are Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden. Most of Gia’s drama surrounded the fact she was a taken lady with a boyfriend back home. She broke down during the kissing contest and left the competition for that round. She also broke her word to Craig M. when she gave the rose she promised to save him with to Wes instead. This made some enemies. Why did she do that? Wes confessed feelings for her.

However, she did not act on any feelings any might have had while in the house. Both were soon eliminated, and she appears to have eliminated the boyfriend from her life as well. Gia was dating Chris Campoli, a hockey player living in Canada. The long distance relationship is what Gia is blaming for the break-up. It had nothing to do with Wes!

Apparently, the two have reconnected in recent weeks via Facebook, and they have renewed their friendship. As for a love connection, Gia says the following about that: “I’m definitely interested in seeing where things go, but Wes and I haven’t sat down and had a serious conversation or anything like that.”

What did you think of these two on “Bachelor Pad” during their time on the series? Could you see a love connection developing between the two? The season finale for “Bachelor Pad” airs Monday September 13th. For more “Bachelor Pad” coverage, go here. For the latest in television, news, go here.

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