Giants Stadium and Jimmy Hoffa.

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Today started the demolition of Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

It was home to the NFL’s New York Giants for 34 years and was shared with the Jets

for many of those years.

They both will be playing in a new stadium that is next to it.

Giants Stadium was built in the 1970’s and opened in 1976.

It has been rumored that after Jimmy Hoffa was killed, his body was taken to NJ, and

was buried somewhere in or under the stadium during the construction.

The most popular rumor is that he is buried in one of the end zones, but it has also

been said that Hoffa is in one of the pillars.

These rumors have made the news over the years.

Now that the stadium is being torn down, I wonder if they will look for Jimmy Hoffa.

When they start tearing up that famous end zone, I can’t help but think if they will

take a little extra time to see if something is there.

I am sure it will be on the minds of the demolition crew.

One thing is for sure.

This part of the Jimmy Hoffa saga is about to come to an end.


George Vreeland Hill

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