Gigantic Sea Monster Skull Belonged to Possible Unknown Species 50 Feet Long

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Scientists are puzzled about the true identity of an enormous sea monster skull that measures 8 feet long. One thing they are pretty sure about, however, is that the creature’s full length was at least 50 feet long. It is difficult to even imagine something so large swimming around. Would anyone want to imagine it?

A creature 50 feet long would have to be strong and scary, right? It seems that scientists agree.

“This was the most powerful predator that ever lived — it could bite a small car in half,” said paleontologist Richard Forrest.

The huge jaws, which were discovered by Kevan Sheehan, are now on display in England. Scientists believe the animal resembled a crocodile, but still are unsure if it is a new species or not. Nevertheless, it is huge and an exciting find.

“We still don’t know actually what it is. Is it a new species?” wondered Richard Edmonds, the Dorset County Council earth sciences manager.

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