GinaMarie Zimmerman of ‘Big Brother 15′ Makes a Big Purchase

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Big Brother 15 fans who had been curious to see what GinaMarie Zimmerman would do with her winnings now have at least a partial answer. The controversial star shared a photo on Twitter of a big purchase she just made, and she definitely got fans of the show buzzing. 

Zimmerman tweeted, “My first new car I ever owned :)))) dreams do come true. Always think positive… Hi Haters :) Bounce…” The picture attached shows GinaMarie standing in a bright green Mustang with a pink bow on it. She even joked with one follower that she tried to get a pink version of the car, to no avail.

Some might be a bit surprised with her choice given the job loss she was said to have been hit with as a result of her derogatory comments during Big Brother 15, but she clearly doesn’t care what kind of criticism her “haters” dish out. Between the new car and the taxes to be paid on her $50,000 in winnings, it looks like GinaMarie Zimmerman has done a pretty solid job of allocating the money from that BB15 paycheck without wasting any time. She’s not suffering from any buyer’s remorse though, that is much is clear.

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