Ginger Zee Is the Hot New ‘Good Morning America’ Weather Editor

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Ginger Zee is the hot new Good Morning America weather editor. The bombshell brunette received her promotion after Sam Champion announced that he was leaving GMA for the Weather Channel.

That means everyone is just dying to know more about the gorgeous and sexy woman who just happens to be an intelligent and educated meteorologist. Previously serving as the GMA weekend meteorologist, the 32-year-old sensation is a “true weather junkie,” according to ABC. However, that’s only one of the many things that make this woman so fascinating. It also doesn’t hurt that she looks like a supermodel.

One of the most interesting things about her is the origin of her name. Believe it or not, she was named after Ginger from the beloved television show Gilligan’s Island. Her father is from the Netherlands, and when he moved to the United States, he learned to speak English by watching the show, and the sexy redhead named Ginger apparently had a profound effect on him because he named his daughter after the character. Actress Tina Louise portrayed the role of the sultry Ginger on the old sitcom. Today, Louise is 79 years old and living in New York City.

The new Good Morning America weather editor may have been named after a character on Gilligan’s Island, but when it comes to her television viewing, she prefers Beverly Hills 90210. It reportedly relaxes her. Anyone who remembers the original series back in the 1990s can certainly relate.

She is also an animal lover. Zee has a best friend named Otis, who just happens to be a black lab. Her affinity for animals, dogs in particular, is certainly an endearing quality that is sure to win her even more fans. She is a former cheerleader with an enviable figure who keeps in shape in part by performing squats while brushing her teeth.

The natural beauty has a peculiar favorite snack. She reportedly enjoys a hodgepodge of crackers, peas, and cottage cheese. Although people probably won’t be clamoring for that recipe, it’s good to know that the woman knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to go for it, even if what she likes is an odd blend of crackers, peas, and soft curdles.

The California-born but Michigan-raised beauty first became excited about the weather as a child watching the storms over Lake Michigan. However, the weather was not her only interest. In addition to storm watching, competitive cheerleading and presumably watching Beverly Hills 90210, she practiced the oboe as a child.

Ginger Zee’s other interests include Elvis Presley and Philip Phillips, an American singer-songwriter.

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