Girl Not Cute Enough For TV

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Girl Not Cute Enough For TV

by Marilyn Mackenzie

I wasn’t watching the evening news, but listening from the other room.  I stopped what I was doing, though, when I heard that the girl who sang for the opening ceremony didn’t sing.  She lip synched.

The real little girl who sang her heart out was determined by the Chinese to not be pretty enough.  She sang behind the scenes, while a younger and cuter girl pretended to sing for the audience. 

What a bunch of jerks.

Hey, not only that, but the fireworks seen on TV were not really the ones that were set off on Friday night.  The ones shown on TV were done on a night that wasn’t so smoggy, so the Chinese decided to present those to the world.

Can you believe?

Here’s something on YouTube about the opening ceremony fake singing.

Olympic Girl Not Cute Enough

And here’s an article that includes information about the fake singer and the fake fireworks.

Not so ancient Chinese secret: Olympic opening featured lip sync, digitized fireworks

The Chinese wanted to make sure everything was perfect.  Sadly, when they interviewed some average people, they didn’t appear to think there was anything wrong with the little girl not being able to sing.  They supposedly agreed with the idea that she wasn’t cute enough.  Or…perhaps they were afraid to say what they really thought.

Hmmm.  Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  Sometimes I think we forget that.

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