Girl with 14 Toes to Set Guinness World Record – Meet Le Yati Min

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A girl with 14 toes may set a Guinness World Record as the most digitally-enhanced person ever. She has polydactylism, but one would never know.

Her name is Le Yati Min, a Myanmar-born 16-month-old child who was born into an impoverished community. As many parents do, her mother inquired about the child’s health. The tell-tale signs of good health are having all fingers and all toes, right?

Well, Le Yati Min’s mom got much more than she bargained for. Her baby had all of her fingers and toes and even more to spare. She was born with 12 fingers and 14 toes in all.

The young child is very healthy by all modern standards, and even loves to talk on mobile phones, as evidenced from a recent picture of her holding one to her ear.

The girl with 14 toes has a condition called polydactylism. Essentially, it means that one is born with extra fingers and toes. It is very rare, but Le Yati Min’s case is even more bizarre in that her extra appendages are fully functional, not just outward growths.

If the young girl and her family are lucky, they could lay claim to the newest Guinness World Record.

The current record holder is a boy in India who is said to have one less toe than Le Yati Min. Voila! It may mean the ticket out of the slums if they win the distinction.

Perhaps, the girl with 14 toes should be awarded a double prize because a girl will get dibs on bragging rights.

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Photo credit – Wikipedia (Polydactylism)


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