Girl With Cerebral Palsy Bullied By Neighbor Father and Son (Video)

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Hope Holcomb, 10-year old, has cerebral palsy requiring arm braces for walking. She became extremely distraught about riding the school bus. Last week, Hope’s grandmother caught on video the 9-year-old neighbor and his father William Bailey mocking Hope at the bus stop. The video released to Fox 8 stirred outrage with viewers who watched father and son imitating Hope’s walk.

Tricia and Michael Knight filed charges of aggravated menacing after viewing the video. They knew the son was bullying Hope, but seeing the father torment their daughter put things over the top. William Bailey claims the Knights made fun of his son’s ADHD and seizures. Stark County Sheriffs have visited both homes many times on many complaints and confirms a feud between the two families.

William Bailey claims he was not mocking Hope. He had injured his ribs at work and was walking that way legitimately. He says he cares for that little girl. People are not buying it. Did his son have the same injured ribs to cause an identical limb as his father?

Both families have filed complaints with the Canton prosecutor’s office and will meet in the next week to decide if there is a resolution to the dispute or if criminal charges will filed.

Hope, devastated by the bullying, refuses to open her blinds and does not go outside all that often. What type of person would torment a child with cerebral palsy as William Bailey did? Nice going Grandma for catching this on video and publishing it on the internet for all to judge for themselves.

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