‘Giuliana & Bill’ ‘All in the Familia’ on Style

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“Giuliana & Bill” are still experiencing their self-imposed year of fun after the failure of the in-vitro fertilization. So they had their first dinner party in their new house and Bill did the cooking. Giuliana’s friend who she calls her gay husband, Robbie was there with a date and the dispute of who did the decorating became a sticky topic of conversation. They announced to their friends that they are going to Italy to do research for the new Mama DePandi’s restaurant that they will soon be opening in Chicago.

Bill meets with David, his lawyer regarding the restaurant and he tells Bill that another investor wants to come in as a partner and make the restaurant a grandiose establishment. Bill’s best friend Zach had to drop out of the partnership because he is opening a restaurant of his own and could not devote enough time to this venture. The unfortunate thing may be that the potential new investors do not like the name and want to avoid the small neighborhood type association. Bill decides to wait until they come back from Italy to discuss the new situation with Giuliana and her mother and father.

While in Chicago, Bill meets with his mother and finds out that he may have Italian in his Croatian ancestry. Because these ancestors lived so close to the Italian border, they spoke Italian and considered themselves to belong to the Italian state. So “Giuliana & Bill” decide to pay them a visit when overseas.

In Italy, they go to the Hall of Records to find info about his grandfather who left for America in Trieste. They find an address of Mateo Rancic who lives in Croatia. The part of Croatia where he now lives used to be a part of Italy before WW II. At the home of Mateo, Bill chickens out and does not get to meet his relative.

Back in Naples, at the DePandi home, they meet the entire DePandi family for a huge dinner and Giuliana announces that Bill is Italian. The family approves, but although the fact was never verified, they leave it alone.

The next day, Bill gets an Italian makeover with a haircut and new threads before going to visit the pasta factory to start their restaurant research. The factory owner makes them a great meal and Giuliana wants to place an order immediately. Bill has not yet told the family about the potential investor who wants no part of the family restaurant concept.

Before leaving Italy, “Giuliana & Bill” return to Capri where they got married. Giuliana asks Bill why he is evasive about the restaurant concept. He tells Giuliana about the big investor and the fact about the name change. She fears the restaurant will tear them apart and tells Bill she would rather have a baby. Giuliana has found a place in Denver with an excellent success rate and they agree to try it.

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