‘Giuliana & Bill: Marriage Rules’ Recap on Style

“Giuliana & Bill” left fans wondering if they were having a boy or a girl in their season finale, but decided to share advice for a successful marriage while they were keeping fans hanging.

Showing the gorgeous wedding they had in Italy, while listening to the voice of Robin Leach describing the path they took, and where they ended up to now, it seemed more like a fairy tale than real life. But for two adorable people such as Mr. & Mrs. Rancic, the path has been a rocky one. So here are some of the rules they follow, and it would be a good idea of anyone getting married to take heed.

Thou shalt accept that it isn’t always pretty. After several attempts at invitro fertilization, and now finally using a gestational carrier to bring their baby to fruition, they have managed to keep their sense of humor and their love above all that has been thrown at them. Fans just love them, with their lives spent on more airplanes than one can imagine, and living in Chicago and Los Angeles, while keeping their busy jobs and interests alive and well.

Thou shalt be open to change… again and again. Anyone who is newly married finds that change is something to get used to. Whether it is physically moving from home to home, job to job or adding children to the mix, change will be something to get used to.

Thou shalt make time for sexy time. Just because they are married, and spend much time apart, sexy time is a must.

Thou shalt remember that you’re on the same team. Above all, once joined in a union, no matter what kind of union it is, remember that you are on the same team, and finding a couple on television, under the eye of the cameras, has certainly strengthened Team Rancic.

And these are some of the rules that “Giuliana & Bill” follow and have a great time doing. Now with a baby on the way, they will need more rules, but until then, these will apply as fans anxiously await the arrival of Baby Rancic.

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