‘Giuliana & Bill’ ‘Rancics Go Royal’ on Style

In the earlier episode of “Giuliana & Bill,” Bill Rancic sold the lovely Chicago home he built especially for his adorable wife, Giuliana. For those who do not know, Giuliana co-hosts E! News with Ryan Seacrest and Bill Rancic was the first winner of Donald Trump’s “Apprentice.”

Viewers have seen the Rancics live in both Chicago and Los Angeles. Bill is a motivational speaker and flies all over for his speaking engagements while Giuliana jet-sets from Chicago to Los Angeles and anywhere else her crazy job sends her. With the sale of their dream house in Chicago, Bill reluctantly agreed to keep their base home in Los Angeles; a big move for this Chicago boy who loves his home town.

Now their Los Angeles apartment is loaded with boxes from the move and Giuliana received the dream assignment to report on the Royal Wedding. Bill complains that whenever a big job like the unpacking happens (which has happened often) Giuliana has emergency work assignments and other reasons to not be around; leaving him with all the work.

So Giuliana jets off to London to her assignment and Bill finds himself with five days off, so he hops on a plane and surprises her in London. He is thrilled to be with his wife and she is thrilled to have him there with her. It is so nice to see a couple with so much on their plates find time for each other and truly love each other’s company.

In London, they and Giuliana’s female entourage are treated to fish and chips in a restaurant called “Sherlock Holmes.” The clips of the Royal Wedding are gorgeous and Giuliana is star-struck. She is a perfect match for her E! News job and a total perfect match for the very personable Bill Rancic as they give the fans a glimpse into the life of two beautiful people with a sweet marriage.

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