‘Giuliana & Bill’ Recap ‘Back With a Bounce’ on Style

In this episode of Giuliana & Bill they are celebrating with the double mastectomy behind them, and now the gestational carrier is pregnant with their baby. Now they are praying that all goes well with the pregnancy.

In Chicago they took Mama and Papa DePandi to meet the Melman family who will be partnering with the Rancics in their restaurant venture. They tried to come to an agreement on the name of the restaurant and the dream of “Mama DePandi’s” was voted down. But her recipes and her wonderful food will be tasted by the group and, hopefully, loved by all.

Bill met with his friend John, who edited Bill’s speech for the conference where he will be speaking. They went over the presentation and both loved it. He will be attending the conference with Bill Clinton, so he really has to shine.

The baby will be born in Denver in about eight months and the Rancics discussed the situation with Bill’s mother and sister.

The big day came for Mama DePandi’s cooking to be tasted by the group. Nobody spoke for a long awkward pause, until they all agreed that her food was delicious, but the Rancics already knew that!

Giuliana met with the editor of Michigan Avenue Magazine. She had a photo shoot the day before her surgery and the pictures brought her to tears. She knew the anxiety she was going through and the past came back with a thud.

In Las Vegas, Bill was opening for Bill Clinton and had to go through his speech and visuals with his team. The synchronization was not correct and the rehearsal was not going well and they had only a few minutes to get it right. Then they get kicked off the stage when the lights go out.

Giuliana is getting ready for the Golden Globes but she is not even healed yet. She does not want to wear anything too revealing, and now can finally lift her arms more than she could the day before. Each day is getting better. Just putting her hair in a pony tail is an accomplishment she cherished.

Bill’s speech went perfectly and he gave the audience what they came for. He introduced President Clinton and he breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he did a great job. But rather than staying till the next day, Bill hopped on a plane to get back to Giuliana–his love. On the way back from the airport, they had a great chance to talk about how his speech went, and the upcoming Golden Globes. So Giuliana tried on her gown again and noticed a scar that she had not noticed before. Now that she can lift her arms again, she is noticing more of her reminders. She embraced her scars as a badge of courage for her journey.

On the red carpet, Giuliana was her old self. Everyone was sympathetic and wished her luck. They were very caring and considerate of what she had been through. She was the greatest fan when George Clooney came by and she gushed like a fan would do. She was her gorgeous and congenial self and fans and celebrities just loved her.

In Denver, they stood by for the ultrasound and got to see their 7-week-old fetus for the first time. Now it is finally true, Giuliana & Bill are pregnant!

Photo of Breast Cancer Ribbon: Wikimedia

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