‘Giuliana & Bill’ Recap: ‘Food Fight’ on Style

On last week’s “Giuliana & Bill,” Mama DePandi came to visit Giuliana and the crew at E! News where Giuliana co-hosts with Ryan Seacrest and brought her famous lasagna. The crew was elated and came back for seconds and thirds and all agreed that Mama DePandi should open a restaurant. Being the eternal entrepreneur, Bill’s light bulb went on and the wheels started turning about opening a restaurant.

Bill spoke to a few friends about the idea and all agreed that Los Angeles is no place to open an Italian restaurant. L.A. is more of a sushi kind of town and it is far too hot for heavy eating like Italian cuisine. Being a Chicago boy, Bill knows that Chicago is much more suited for this kind of dining. The only problem is that Giuliana finally got Bill to join her in Los Angeles, they bought their new home there and she wants the both of them to stay.

Giuliana & Bill” have their utmost goal in their minds, to have a baby. Giuliana is finally happy to live in Los Angeles. If she gets pregnant, Giuliana does not want to continue the pace that they had in the past with constant commuting from Chicago to Los Angeles. But did anyone ask Mama DePandi where she would like the restaurant?

Giuliana is super busy with her proposed clothing line and is attending acupuncture sessions at the request of her new doctor in hopes of getting pregnant. For fun, the DePandi crew has a charity yard sale at Giuliana’s friend Pam’s house and Mama DePandi is the top seller. They raise over three thousand dollars with only one glitch. As they arrive with the truckload of Giuliana’s possessions; her friend Jose rips off the fender of a car waiting for the yard sale. Giuliana is amazed that the man was not even upset about his car and continued to shop at the sale.

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