‘Giuliana & Bill’ Recap ‘New House Hunters’ on Style

Giuliana & Bill are expecting via a gestational carrier who remains anonymous to fans. In the last episode, they saw the ultrasound and know now that the baby is real. Before the first trimester, they will be keeping it to themselves, just to avoid another disappointment.

In Chicago, they have lived out of suitcases and decided to find a place there. With the restaurant and Bill’s family, plus a new baby on the way, they need some stability. With Giuliana’s family in Washington, DC, they will be closer than in Los Angeles.

At the restaurant, Giuliana met with Molly Melman, one of the partners who gave both Bill and Giuliana a lesson in what it takes to run a restaurant. So behind the bar, Giuliana made her drink concoction that nobody liked, including Giuliana.

Then on to meet with the realtor who took them to see a gorgeous home that Giuliana fell in love with, but Bill was not so sure. It was gigantic and although had all the things they both wanted; it was a bit much to live in both places.

At the restaurant, they will not leave before they decide on a name, and Mama DePandi’s was not the choice. Now the restaurant is RPM Italian. Prior to the grand opening, Giuliana tries out being a server, and finds it is not an easy job. Now they decide to do something for their mothers, Bill wants to redo his mother’s television room; Giuliana wants to send Mama DePandi to a spa where she can work toward getting healthier.

Back in L.A., Giuliana wants to have fun before another red carpet event. Now for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she is more confident than the Golden Globes because she is healthier and more recovered from her surgery. Giuliana is so at home talking to George Clooney, Tina Fey, Brad Pitt and all the top stars on the red carpet and they were all concerned about how she was doing too.

Bill met with his sister after sending Mom away for a weekend and put their heads together to redesign her sitting room. Giuliana aFile:BillRancic.jpgnd Bill went to Home Goods to shop for items to complete the job. Then they called Anna to tell her that both she and her hubby are going to a spa in Arizona. When Bill’s mother came home, she was thrilled at the transformation of her home; could the next business venture for Giuliana & Bill be home decorating?

While checking out another neighborhood in Chicago, they get a phone call from Giuliana’s manager, Pam. She has news that a show in Los Angeles wants both of them to host a show of their own.

Photo of Giuliana & Bill: Wikimedia

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