‘Giuliana & Bill’ Recap: ‘Where to Next, Bill? ’ on Style

“Giuliana & Bill” decided last week that they would open a restaurant named after Mama DePandi, Giuliana’s mother, who is an awesome cook. The only problem about opening a restaurant is that Giuliana wants it to be in Los Angeles and Bill opts for Chicago, his home town.

As “Giuliana & Bill” get settled into their new home on the west coast, Bill is traveling again, to Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, his second trip to Haiti, then home for a day and then Phoenix and Chicago. He is involved with a charitable organization that distributes hearing aids to children in third world countries, hence the trip to Haiti.

Giuliana meets with a closet designer for her new dressing room in their home and is excited to have this done while Bill is away. Bill goes with his friend Ari to three locations in Los Angeles to find a restaurant for Mama DePandi but everything looks like it will cost a small fortune just to get it up and running.

Giuliana went to see her therapist who she used to visit during in vitro fertilization that failed. She tells her that since she and Bill now live in Los Angeles, she sees less of him than when they lived in Chicago. Bill and his friends Zak and Ari meet at an Italian restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. The owner is a friend of Mama and Papa DePandi and they hope to get some good info from him. Giuliana’s brother, Pasquale, joins them for their fact-finding mission. Pasquale also has good advice because partnering with friends can be the end of good friendships.

Giuliana is hosting a Young Hollywood Awards ceremony and her jokes are falling flat. She knows that her partner on E! Entertainment, Ryan Seacrest, is going to give her grief for her poor performance.

In Haiti, Bill learned how to fit children with hearing aids, and with his help, his voice was the first sound they heard. Bill also was meeting with the family of a child he helped bring to the United States. The boy had an enlarged heart and several other problems stemming from the earthquake. Sadly the boy passed away shortly afterwards. So Bill will be visiting them to bring some of the proceeds of Giuliana’s yard sale and give the rest to the hearing aid foundation. When Bill returned, he told Giuliana that compared to America, the Haitian people have very little. Bill hopes to return next year with Giuliana to build a house for the family of the child who died.

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