‘Giuliana & Bill’ ‘We’re Having a…’ Recap on Style

“Giuliana & Bill” have had fans wondering if they were having a boy or a girl in their season finale, and after the first episode of the new season, continued to keep their friends waiting until the baby shower.File:BillRancic.jpg

Fans already know that the surrogate or gestational carrier presented the Rancics with their very own baby boy named Edward Duke, but this season follows them along the journey to parenthood.

Last episode they went house hunting in Los Angeles and found a palatial home that is under construction and soon to be ready for them to move in with a new baby.

Pam, G’s manager and friend, is meeting with a party planner to plan a super baby shower for “Giuliana & Bill.” G decided to let everyone know the sex of the baby at the end of the shower. The problem is, Giuliana has no idea what is planned for the shower, and it is driving her crazy.

In Las Vegas, G is there to host the Miss USA pageant, and at lunch with her friends, they try to pry the sex of the baby out of her. She is curious about the shower and tries to wangle info from them, but they use reverse psychology on her and will not budge unless they know the sex of the baby.

As a surprise for her friend Sarah, Giuliana is giving her a makeover and cannot wait to see the results. Sarah looked awesome; with a shape like a model, she should dress a bit more revealing often.

Giuliana’s father is in town, and Bill gets some fatherly advice from him. Her parents are wonderful, and both Rancics look up to him. G is not working the red carpet this evening, but actually walking on it.

At the RPM Restaurant in Chicago, Bill is going over the menu with the chef and other owners. He came up with the idea for a Bears’ Brunch for football season. Later on he meets with his friends John and Dave there to have a father’s night out and get last-minute info about fatherhood and a great meal. After the pageant was over, G and her friends and the new Sarah went out dancing and having a ball. Each had a night out with their friends in two different cities.

As the guests arrive for the shower, each one gets their choice of a blue or pink ribbon to wear. It was amazing seeing all the friends and family together. At the end of the shower, there was a large box with the words, “blue or pink, what do you think?” As the Rancics thanked everyone, they opened the box to reveal blue and white balloons, and everyone cheered for the baby boy on the way.

Photo of Bill Rancic: Wikimedia by Johnedwardrogers

Photo of Giuliana Rancic: Chrisa Hickey | Wikimedia

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