Gladys Knight Goes Back to Motown on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2012 Week 6: A Recap

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No matter how she did, Gladys Knight was the real deal on Dancing with the Stars for this week because this week is Motown week and Knight and her Pips were part and parcel to the distinctive music that came from Detroit and was made famous in the 1960s and early 1970s.

This was her time. This was her day. This was a fun chance to catch up with her buddies from back in the day.

It was Gladys’ partner, Tristan MacManus–a 20 something from Ireland–who did not have any idea what the Motown Sound was all about. So, one Pip (Gladys’ brother Hee) showed up at rehearsal to help the poor guy out.

Talk about role reversal.

Still, this nice lad did well with his lessons and went on to help Knight pick up the steps of the rumba so they could trip the night fantastic to the classic Temptations’ tune called My Girl.

One thing about the Temptations the lead singer of the Pips imparted to Tristan: When her group met with the Temps in a friendly game of softball, her group won. So there.

In any case, it was evident when the two hit the Dancing with the Stars floor boards, Gladys Knight was there to have a good time. She looked absolutely fabulous, and she hit the beat as well she should since she created that beat. She was a wonder even if the steps were not perfect, and it was a thrill to see her so happy reliving her youth.

Tristan, on the other hand, was not so comfortable trying to fit into his Motown element, wearing a purple suit and white shoes. This just wasn’t a suitable look for McManus. But no worries. This was his partner’s night (pun intended).

In any case, Len Goodman appreciated how much Gladys gave to her tribute of the old sound. He called her “the most charismatic” dancer even if she wasn’t the best on Dancing with the Stars. The technicalities didn’t matter to him.

However, Bruno Tonioli was a spoil sport, asking for a rumba that was a bit “steamier.” Come on.

Meanwhile, Carrie Ann Inaba was impressed by enough to just tell this contestant she was a treasure, but not in so many words.

So, equipped with three 7s for their rumba, Gladys Knight and Tristan McManus probably don’t care if they continue on Dancing with the Stars 2012. She lived her dream–again. Don’t you agree?

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