‘Glass House’ Lawsuit Dropped by CBS

CBS finally dropped its lawsuit against ABC’s Glass House. The network claims it was feeling magnanimous given that viewers voted and ABC’s so-called “rip off” failed to shine.

“The viewers have spoken and delivered the ultimate form of justice…,” CBS told E! News. “As a result we filed in federal court this morning a voluntary dismissal without prejudice of our claims against ABC.”

As it turns out, the Disney network version of Big Brother fared very poorly in the ratings, coming in at a highly disappointing 87th place. That solidifies ABC’s earlier claim that their show was no threat to the long-running CBS reality competition.

That point made, perhaps CBS got the point. However, they could have just as easily been feeling magnanimous. After all, had they won the lawsuit, they might have collected big bucks from a dangerous rival network.

Still, there was no guarantee they would win. A lower court dismissed their first claim of “copyright infringement” and allowed Glass House to air. It might have ruled in ABC’s favor a second time, thereby costing CBS big bucks without a successful outcome. At least this way, CBS will likely get what it wants —the competitive show off the air because of poor ratings—and they save a few bucks along the way. It’s a win for them anyway you look at it.

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