‘Glass House’ Premiere Recap: Worth Watching?

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The Glass House premiered on ABC last night despite efforts by CBS to stop this from happening, claiming the show is too much like Big Brother. After viewing the program, most would probably agree with the judge that these two shows don’t all that much resemblance to each other while others will possibly disagree.

In any case, this show is on. In the first episode, 14 contestants show up to get voted on through interactive TV where each is told what each should do in a number of different situations. If that person refuses, he or she may get voted off the premises and, thus, off your TV screen.

Among the contestants are 25-year-old Alex, who is an annoying bail bondsman; 31-year-old Andrea, a bookkeeper who seems a bit dense; 30-year-old Ashley, a paralegal who you may learn to hate; 28-year-old Apollo, a sensitive poet who probably will be known as the resident male lover; 28-year-old Gene, a giant-sized stuntman (he’s 6 foot, 7 inches tall and weighs 340 pounds); and 27-year-old Erica, a not very endearing cocktail waitress.

Also competing on The Glass House in its inaugural season is 28-year-old Jacob, a cook who also appears to be a louse; 21-year-old Holly, a smart retail clerk who is a real go-getter; 35-year-old Jeffrey, a gay receptionist who seems really nice; 27-year-old Joy, a nurse who doesn’t appear to be afraid of getting cozy with strangers; 43-year-old Robin, a blogger who gives a lot of advice; 33-year-old Kevin, a likeable police sergeant; and 32-year-old Stephanie, a scientist who seems to be someone who you would want to have as a friend.

Oh, and then there’s the elder statesman of the abode: 48-year-old Mike who is a Bar Mizvah DJ, the strangest of all professions amongst this motley crew and a guy who is not in the best of health.

So there you have the occupants of The Glass House, all of whom are in danger of being relegated to a place called Limbo if they lose a challenge, who are assigned different rooms (Robin and Holly get the Enemies Room), and who hear chimes whenever something changes in this TV reality show game.

The first chime these guys hear during the premiere on ABC is one that means the viewers have decided the contestants will take part in a welcome to the show pool party. This probably means that those who are watching this show wanted to check out the bodies instead of the minds of these eager contestants. Since there is not a pool around, the jacuzzi is where this scene takes place.

And so with this scene during which the participants wear next to nothing and which is meant for the audience to soak everything in, The Glass House starts its run on ABC.

That said and after the premiere was viewed by a bunch of reality show fans, the question probably remains: Is this program worth watching?

Probably not, but there will be those who watched the first session of The Glass House who will definitely disagree. And, after all, pickings are slim on the small screen for the summer so why not try and get into yet another group of small screen strangers trying to compete for the reality show win while getting up-close-and-personal with each other while under one single roof as the weeks heat up? No need to answer; it’s up to you!

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