‘Glee’ 2012 Spoilers: Lea Michele Covers Selena Gomez on Prom Episode for Season 3

Glee is winding down for the season, but there’s still the prom to look forward to as lots of love is expressed in and around this big dance held for McKinley High’s seniors. This is especially true for Lea Michele and Cory Monteith (well, for their characters anyway).

The spoiler here is that Selena Gomez, in her most seminal song with her band, The Scene, is said to be covered by Rachel Berry in the episode called Prom-asaurus.

According to news that’s traveling around the Internet, the Selena Gomez song Love You Like a Song will be warbled by Michele as an ode to her sweetheart, Cory (as Finn Hudson).

Although the Selena Gomez tune is confirmed for Glee, the person singing this song is not. Still, who else would be the right person to deliver the message from this sweet love song? It seems Lea Michele would be the right candidate.

So what do you think? Do you believe Glee star Lea Michele will cover Selena Gomez on the prom episode for season 3 in a way that will be convincing about how much she loves Cory—well, make that Finn? Thoughts?

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