‘Glee’ ‘Britney 2.0′ Recap: A Breakdown and an Orchid

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Glee season 4 continues with episode 2, “Britney 2.0.” It begins with Brittany giving herself a voiceover about the good in her life (though she misses Santana). She leads the Cheerios in “Hold It Against Me,” before Sue brings her to her office. Brittany got an F- on an exam (she drew Happyville on the back), and since she’s a bad role model for the Cheerios, Sue is kicking her out. Kitty is going to be the head cheerleader. Though Santana briefly comforts her via Skype, she has to leave for her own cheerleading practice.

"Britney 2.0" Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOXWhile Cassandra has the class pair up for the tango, she tells Rachel to sit out; she doesn’t have enough sex appeal. Will and Emma try to talk to Brittany since they’re worried about her, and when that doesn’t go over so well, Will tells New Directions they’re picking her back up with Britney 2.0. Blaine and Artie kick it off with a “Boys”/”Boyfriend” mash-up. Brittany’s inspired.

Kurt and Rachel find an affordable, nice-sized place in Bushwick, and as they sit down with pizza, Rachel asks about Finn (again). Kurt tells her he’s planning on reapplying to NYADA, but for now, he’s applied to Vogue.com. He’s learned a lot about himself. Rachel needs that. When she brings up Cassandra, Kurt tells her about Cassie stopping a performance on stage when a man’s phone went off. She went after him and grabbed the phone. The video ended up online. Kurt says to keep fighting.

When Unique learns that Marley has her eye on Jake, that leads to Unique, Tina, and Marley’s “Womanizer” performance. After, Jake tells Marley they should hang out. Rachel tells Brody what Cassandra said, and he calls her “crazy sexy.” She asks him to dance with her. Cassie doesn’t like upperclassman dancing in her class, but he’ll do it. While Tina, Joe, and Sam sing “3,” Brittany goes to shave her head. Will stops her, and when Jacob tries to talk to her in the hall, she attacks him with her umbrella. Artie says she needs the spotlight.

Will stops Jake to talk to him about his class attendance, but Jake’s not looking to change. Will says that Puck was worse than him, but he had friends. Jake doesn’t need friends. He joins Marley on the bleachers, and she tells him she finally found a place she feels like she can just be. They duet “Crazy” and “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” and after, he gives her his jacket when she says she’s cold. New Directions tries to talk to Brittany about their concerns and tells her they want her to sing lead at the pep rally. She says she has to lip-sync, and Kiki (her Siri) tells her it’s a great idea. Rachel brings Brody to Cassandra’s class for her performance of “Oops! I Did It Again” to show she can be sexy. Cassandra says she was just okay. Rachel says she’s just jealous because they have their careers ahead of her while Cassandra’s is over. Cassandra tells her she’s done and to get out of her class.

Marley speaks up when two jocks are making fun of her mother, and then Jake steps in, and it gets physical. Will breaks it up and drags Jake away—to see Puck. Jake tells him he’s wasting his time, but Puck knows how he feels—like he’s not important or enough. He gets it, but what made him feel like a man was being part of New Directions. Puck’s heading back to LA, but no matter what, he tells Jake he’s his brother. Brittany’s not at all ready for the pep rally performance, and it’s clear she’s lip-synching, which Kitty calls her out on. They’re booed off stage, and Will yells at them for it. They could be barred from competing. Brittany resigns from glee club and walks out.

Rachel apologizes to Cassandra for being out of line and explains she felt like she was picking on her for no reason. Cassandra points out that she lashed out after some honest feedback, and it’s much worse out there. It doesn’t matter how good Cassie was, the pressure still got to her. She picks on her students so they’re ready. Rachel knows she’s not there yet, but she’s going to get another chance because it’s school policy to just give her a warning. She’s on probation.

Sam knows Brittany’s intentionally hitting rock bottom, and she says she wants to make her comeback like Britney did. This is her last stop—an intervention. She then goes to Sue and says that since she’s still president, she drafted an executive order to reinstate herself as head cheerleader. Sue admits the plan needed some form of logic and says she needs to turn her grades around. Will and Emma are going to tutor her. Sue welcomes her back.

Rachel paints Finn’s name in a heart on their apartment wall, and Kurt reassures her he loves her. They’re going to go out for cake when Brody shows up with an orchid (good luck in a new place). Kurt leaves them alone. Rachel’s surprised Brody took the train for 45 minutes to see her. He tells her he liked dancing with her and thinks she’s sexy. He goes to kiss her, but she pulls back. She can’t because of Finn, and Brody respects that, but he’ll be thinking of kissing her when they’re together.

Jake asks Marley if he can sit with her in glee club. He hears it can help. She tells him to stick with her, but then Kitty interrupts asking for his jacket since they’re dating. Jake joins New Directions, and Marley sings “Everytime.” Cassandra has Rachel participate in class instead of sitting and watching, and Brody watches from the doorway. Brittany waits for Santana to come online. Marley watches Jake and Kitty together. Rachel paints over “Finn” and the heart.

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Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX

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