‘Glee’ ‘Dynamic Duets’ Recap: Blaine’s Temptation from the Dark Side, Jake and Ryder’s Kryptonite

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Everyone has a dark side or secret identity, and that was exactly what Glee season 4 episode 7, “Dynamic Duets,” was about. The love triangle between Jake, Marley, and Ryder took a couple of turns, Blaine was tempted to return to something familiar, and the Secret Society of Superheroes Club meant for some…interesting…costumes.

"Dynamic Duets" Photo: Jordin Althaus/FOXFinn was still finding his footing as the glee club’s leader, as seen in his idea for Sectionals: Foreigner—songs by Foreigner in foreign languages wearing the costumes of the world’s nations. He didn’t even notice the Nationals trophy was gone. Beiste once again provided some advice and told him to invest in tights and join the superhero trend. He needed to be their hero. Unfortunately, for Finn, he decided to be the Almighty Treble Clef. Fortunately, his second lesson idea was a better one—Dynamic Duets, with Jake and Ryder, and Kitty and Marley pairing up. While he got off to a shaky start, he seemed to be on much more solid ground—and had the support of New Directions, complete with a “superhero utility belt” (which included markers, antacid, and a Barbie head doll, from Brittany of course)—going into Sectionals. He tried to motivate them by saying they would make it the greatest year the New Directions had ever seen. After that came the club’s last performance of the episode, “Some Nights.” They have improved, but is it enough to win Sectionals?

Meanwhile, Ryder and Jake continued to fight—and that fight turned physical twice, including during their “Superman” performance for the week’s lesson—for Marley. However, after punches were thrown after their glee club performance, Finn gave them a new kryptonite lesson: tell each other their deepest fear. Though Jake originally wrote down his fear, Ryder told him to be a man and tell him. For Jake, he never felt like he fit in because he’s half white, half black, and half Jewish, and someone always reminds him. Ryder admitted he had him tell him what his note said because he couldn’t read it. Jake told Finn, who brought Ryder to see the district’s special education director. She tested him, and he found out he’s dyslexic. While the episode saw the characters as part of the Secret Society of Superheroes Club, Ryder had a real secret identity and knew inside he wasn’t who everyone thought he was. He had been told his entire life to just apply himself and work harder, but because he was finally tested, he was going to begin an individualized education program. He thanked Finn, who said he owed Jake. And so when jocks began picking on Jake and Mrs. Rose in the cafeteria, Ryder stepped in and told them that messing with Jake meant messing with him. Jake had his back, so he had his. Jake called Puck for some brotherly advice, and he told him to sit back and play it cool; she’d come to him.

Meanwhile, Marley didn’t want to do the duet because of the clingy bodysuit. She was still making herself throw up. Kitty told her she’d be honest and tell her if she looked even a little fat and they’d cancel the performance, but Marley still needed some coaxing out of the bathroom stall once she had changed. Kitty told her she looked hot and changed her alter ego from Wallflower (how she felt about herself) to Woman Fierce. She said they were going to kill their performance (“Holding Out for a Hero”) and they did. After Ryder told Marley he had to reschedule their date because he had an early appointment with the dyslexia specialist early Saturday, Kitty said it sounded more like it wasn’t into her, and so Marley walked over to Jake and made plans with him.

Blaine was still hurting over his breakup, and after the Warblers took their Nationals trophy, he was the one to go to get it back—and become tempted. Though he ran into Sebastian at Dalton, he wasn’t the one behind it. Sebastian had turned over a new leaf (though “being nice sucks,” he told Blaine) and brought him to the new captain, Hunter. Hunter had taken the trophy as bait. He wanted Blaine back with the Warblers and pointed out Blaine only went to McKinley for Kurt. Hunter wanted him to be on the winning side—theirs—for Sectionals. The Warblers had Blaine put on a blazer and join them in an impromptu song, “Dark Side.” When Blaine told Finn what happened, he compared it to Pyro in X2 and said the Warblers were his destiny. Once the others found out he was leaving McKinley for Dalton, Artie said he had “been taken by the dark side.”

Fortunately, Sam found him packing up his locker and got Blaine to talk. As Blaine told him he cheated, a flashback briefly showed him after his hookup. He explained to Sam that he felt like Kurt was moving on with his life without him, so he began thinking they weren’t meant for each other. However, after he cheated, he realized they were. Kurt wasn’t going to forgive him, but Sam suggested he forgive himself. While he was trying to right his wrong, exiling himself to Dalton wasn’t the way to do it. He told Blaine to give him one day to change his mind before deciding where he belonged. They sang “Heroes” as a montage showed the glee club painting over graffiti and getting in a paint fight and the Superheroes Club hosting a food drive. Blaine wasn’t going anywhere, but first, he and Sam took back their trophy, and Blaine left the blazer the Warblers had given him in its place.

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Photo: Jordin Althaus/FOX

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