‘Glee’ episode falls short on “Britney/Brittany” episode

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The anticipated Britney episode on Tuesday night’s “Glee” was all the rage, but after watching the episode it offered far less of the Britney we all know and love.

In what was a fantastic attempt by “Glee” to uncover the secret obsession of Britney Spears the episode did fall short of one thing: there was a lot of Britney-esque dance but not so much of the pop star herself.

Unfortunately, Spears only managed to make a few appearances, none of which could be dubbed as “performances.” And, while it is understood that it was to be the cast’s interpretation of the pop diva, it was a little disappointing to not see Spears perform to her potential.

There were some great moments however, particularly, the football teams rendition of “Stronger” followed by Matthew Morrison’s ensemble performance. Lea Michele deserves kudos for crooning the popular “…One more time” but it was clear that her abilities standout in pop musical theatre and not so much pop itself. Despite a fantastic breakout performance by cast member Heather Morris, viewers were on the edge of their seats hoping that Spears would appear in costume and take a stab at her own choreography with the crew, but it never happened and though the episode was a hit, it could have devoted a few moments to Britney Spears herself.


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