Glee Finale–To Sir With Love

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Tonight’s finale of Glee was bittersweet. Some of what everyone wanted to happened, happened, still it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. I suppose that’s a writer’s strategy to keep you anticipating more! I actually just tried writing this review and poof! It disappeared. So this one probably won’t be as good, because I feel to angry to spin gold!

Anywho, tonight on Glee there was some awesome guest spots from celebrities featured earlier in the season such as: Josh Groban, Olivia Newton John, and Idina Menzel (I’m not sure if she’s considered a regular yet).

At Regionals they sang an awesome Journey medley that included “Don’t Stop Believin” (my personal anthem), and Vocal Adrenaline sang a Queen medley that included “Bohemian Rasphody.”

The highlights of the episode were: Rachel kissing Finn, Finn saying “I love you” to Rachel and them becoming the powerhouse vocal couple and heart of the Glee Club again, Quinn going into labor and reaffirming her relationship with her mom and also her newfound friendship with Mercedes, Mr. Schuster fighting for Glee and his love, Sue being her usual terrible self, but realizing that she’s a big fish in a small pond, and Rachel’s biological mother adopting Quinn’s baby girl.  

The episode ended lovely with a ballad dedication to Mr. Schuster: To Sir with Love (from the film To Sir With Love featuring Sidney Portier). It was a fitting number because of how dedicated Will Schuster is to both the kids and the music!


What did you think of the finale?

What do you look forward to seeing next season?

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