‘Glee’ Lea Michele Would Love to See Rachel Take a Break from Finn

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If Glee writer and producer Ryan Murphy takes Lea Michele’s wishes seriously, a lot of fans will definitely be upset. In a chat with E! Online, the actress said that she would love to see her character, Rachel Berry, separate from boyfriend Finn Hudson, played by real-life boyfriend Cory Monteith, at least for little while.

“I think it might be interesting to see Rachel alone for a while. I think that Rachel and Finn are meant to be. I’m a Finchel forever fan, obviously, but I think it’s interesting seeing her with guys,” she said.

So who does she think would be a good new partner for Rachel? Brody Weston! “I think Brody is a cool pair for her because he’s really confident in his own skin and he’s more like Rachel than Finn is, but I really think it’d be interesting to see her just single in the city,” she shared.

While Finchel fans would be upset, it would certainly make Glee more exciting, and realistic, if Rachel did take a break from Finn while in her new environment. Lea Michele probably wants to take a break from having to work with her boyfriend so much as well. After all, it can get a bit too much working and dating the same person, even if that person is as handsome as Cory Monteith!

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