‘Glee': Naya Rivera Dating Show Writer?

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The cast of Glee has the summer off, and Naya Rivera has been seen out hitting the beach on her break. She has not been seen alone. Even though the actress claims to be single, she has been seen out a few times this year with one of the writers for the series, Matthew Hodgson. Is there some more love going on behind the scenes of this hit series?

Wet Paint reported that the pair were seen out earlier this week hitting the beach in Hawaii together. Naya was seen in a black bikini, and Hodgson was also dressed for a day at the beach. This is the third time the pair have been seen out together. It is hard to tell if the two are just hanging out as friends, or if there is something more going on between the two. This does sound like a romantic getaway for two though.

Love on the set of Glee is not unusual. Lea Michele and Cory Monteith found their love match on and off screen since they began work on the series. Naya deserves a little love too. Everyone does.

Are Rivera and Hodgson an item? Until the actress or the writer in question come out publicly about any sort of personal relationship, it is hard to say for sure, but it is starting to look likely.

What do you think? Are Naya Rivera and Matthew Hodgson dating?

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