‘Glee’ Photo: Darren Criss Goes Bald—Say It Ain’t so

Glee has just wrapped its season with the seniors graduating and heading off to live their lives. One of those that did not graduate is Blaine played by Darren Criss. He and his co-star, Chord Overstreet, decided to have a little fun with the fans recently by sharing a photo of Criss.

The photo shows a very bald Darren Criss, and this has sent fans into a frenzy. Did Criss really just chop his hair off. First off, fans can relax. This photo isn’t exactly new. Overstreet held onto this photo for posting at just the right moment, and that moment came recently. The photo was taken during the preparations for the character swap episode that aired a couple of weeks ago.

In that episode, Blaine and Puck switched places. Blaine had to put on a bald cap in order to sport Puck’s mohawk. Fans of his hair can now relax though, he has his full head of hair in tact. As for season four, Blaine is definitely sticking around, and there should be more out of Kurt and Blaine, too.

If Kurt finds another way to get to New York City, will he and Blaine survive the long distance relationship? Those aren’t easy in the best of circumstances. The next season of this Fox series is still months away, so fans have a long wait to find out.

Photo: Wet Paint/Twitter

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