‘Glee': Ryan Murphy Tweets Deleted Kurt-Blaine Box Scene (Video)

When Glee aired its Christmas special in season 3, one scene was obviously missing. Promotional photos had been released showing Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) walking the halls and Kurt holding a gift from Blaine, but it never showed up in the episode. However, now it’s online.

Season 3 Deleted Scene

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOXRyan Murphy just recently joined Twitter, but he has been gifting fans with photos, spoilers, and now video about his series. Wednesday evening, he tweeted, “Gleeks are the best fans in the world. Because you asked for it…here is the long lost Klaine Box Scene.” The scene (video below) is adorable and sweet, and it is a shame it didn’t air with the rest of the episode.

Blaine tells Kurt to smile and while Kurt’s happy about what they’ve done, he’s still “melancholy.” After a conversation about a Liz Taylor jewelry auction that ended at midnight (which no one could really afford), Blaine pulls him aside and gives him his gift. It’s a ring box, and Kurt says, “If that’s an engagement ring, my answer’s yes” immediately.

While it’s not an engagement ring, it is a promise ring made out of gum wrappers in the shape of a bowtie (they are high school students after all; there’s only so much they can afford, even if Kurt does manage to find deals), and Blaine’s speech is pretty much perfect: He’s promising “to always love you, to defend you, even if I know you’re wrong, to surprise you, to always pick up your phone call, no matter what I’m doing, to bake you cookies at least twice a year, and to kiss you wherever and whenever you want. But mostly just to make sure that you remember how perfectly imperfect you are.” Of course Kurt has to hug Blaine after that.

Blaine says it’s the first of many Christmases, and with the uncertainty of what the future holds for the couple in season 4, this may be something that helps Klaine fans get through whatever’s coming up for the two. Blaine’s promise to always answer Kurt’s calls may very well come up this season since Kurt did graduate.

What do you think of the Klaine “Box Scene”? Was it exactly what you expected?

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

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