‘Glee’ Season 3 Episode 18 ‘Choke’ Sneak Peek: Puck and His Father

Glee season 3 continues on Tuesday with episode 18, “Choke,” which will be introducing Puck’s father after he’s only been briefly mentioned. Thomas Calabro is guest starring as Mr. Puckerman. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a happy reunion.

Season 3 Episode 18 “Choke” Sneak Peek

Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOXPuck’s going to be going through a lot in this episode. He’s going to be cramming with the guys to study for a test because him graduating is a question mark. However, that’s not all. He’s going to have a lot more on his mind, and hopefully it doesn’t affect him when it comes time to take the test.

In the Glee season 3 episode 18 sneak peek from “Choke” (below), Puck tells the guys that he saw his father for the first time in five years. His father brought him his own “Pucker’s Special Sauce” beer, which he turned down despite his father playing the “father and son sharing a beer” card. Puck’s not stupid, and he knows his father wants something. He’s there because he needs to borrow money for rent…from his son. That right there should tell you just what kind of father he is. Puck’s expression at the end after his father says the hardest thing for a man to do is ask for help says it all.

Will Puck realizing he doesn’t want to do what his father’s doing to him now lead to him thinking about doing something other than his pool cleaning business after graduation? Will this visit at least be good for Puck’s future even if it doesn’t change anything between him and his father?

What do you think of this Glee season 3 episode 19 sneak peek from “Choke”?

Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX

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