‘Glee’ Season 3 Episode 21 ‘Nationals’ Sneak Peek: An Obstacle to Winning?

Glee season 3 continues with two new episodes this week, episode 20, “Props,” and 21, “Nationals.” After the first hour shows Tina bumping her head and seeing the characters as each other, the second hour is all about Nationals. But will someone miss the big competition after a bad food choice?

Season 3 Episode 21 “Nationals” Clip

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOXAs the photo to the right shows, Rachel (Lea Michele) will be ready to take the stage and belt out Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” but is the Troubletones’ performance of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” in jeopardy?

In the Glee season 3 episode 21 sneak peek from “Nationals” (below), Will joins the girls and Sue and finds out Mercedes has a temperature of 101 and an upset stomach. It’s not one of Sue’s crazy suggestions (Amazonian Dengue fever or H1N1), but rather, food poisoning. It turns out that while the others had burritos at Chipotle, Mercedes chose a dive to have lunch at. That choice has come back to haunt her.

That means they need a new plan. While Will thinks Sue just wants the win so she can take back sole control of the Cheerios from Roz, she tells him she’s mainly concerned because she wants this win for the kids. So what are they going to do? Mercedes is on bed rest, and Quinn’s going to be stepping in. Quinn, who did do what she said she would and will be dancing for Nationals after she revealed to everyone at prom that she can walk, protests she can’t dance or sing the number, and when Tina chimes in with reassurance, Will reveals she’s joining in as well. The Troubletones need them.

Mercedes doesn’t want to miss her last competition, and Sue has a plan. Will it work? Will Mercedes really have to miss Nationals in her senior year? It’s been nice to see this other side to Sue, but fortunately she hasn’t lost all of her edge even though she is helping out New Directions.

What do you think of the Glee season 3 episode 21 sneak peek from “Nationals”?

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

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