‘Glee’ Season 3 Episode 21 Spoilers: Nationals Set List Revealed

Glee season 3 will be airing a two-part special on May 15 with episodes 20 and 21. The second part is going to be the big Nationals episode. Will the New Directions bring home the trophy before some of the students graduate one week later in the finale on May 22?

Season 3 Episode 21 Spoilers

New Directions perfo...According to TVLine, the Troubletones will be taking the stage to sing Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.” If their performance is anything like their previous ones have been, things should be looking good for McKinley. Of course Rachel will have a solo for the competition. She’ll be singing “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion. Finally, the New Directions will be taking on “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf. Will these three songs together be enough for New Directions to take down their competition and win out this year, or will it be another disappointment?

Will Rachel have to graduate without a Nationals trophy? You have to assume there won’t be any onstage kisses this year, so they’ll have that going for them. Glee season 3 episode 21 is going to have Lindsay Lohan appearing as one of the Nationals judges, and Rex Lee and Perez Hilton will reportedly be joining her. What will they think of the New Directions performance? Will one of them be adamantly against their performance?

What do you think of the Nationals set list for Glee season 3? Which song are you most looking forward to hearing their cover of?

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