‘Glee’ Season 3 Spoilers: When Gloria Estefan Will be Appearing as Santana’s Mother

It was reported a few months ago that Gloria Estefan will be appearing on Glee in an episode, but that has yet to happen and the season is winding down. When will Gloria Estefan finally appear?

Season 3 Spoilers

<a href="http://www....According to TVLine, Estefan is going to be showing up in the season finale, airing on May 22. She’s going “to be far more accepting of her daughter’s sexuality than Grandma was.” That was a heartbreaking scene for Santana, who had been hoping her grandmother would accept her for her. Santana had revealed that she had told her parents and they were okay with it back in “I Kissed a Girl,” but that was all off-screen.

With the Glee season 3 finale slated to show some of the characters graduating—Santana one of them—it only makes sense that parents would be showing up. Of course that means it’s the perfect time to bring in Santana’s mother, and hopefully there’s more to the role than just her cheering for her daughter while she graduates. Appropriately, the episode is titled “Goodbye,” but it has yet to be revealed whether or not some of the characters will be back for season 4 even though they are graduating from McKinley High.

Are you looking forward to seeing Gloria Estefan in the Glee season 3 finale?

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